Fall 2022
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. . . These notes and practice tracks could turn you into the musical artist your mother always thought you were . . .

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Rehearsal notes

OCT 6) Plan: Hodie Christus (study tracks, please), The Christmas Song, Do You Hear What I Hear, All The Bells in Paradise

SEP 29) We rehearsed: Hodie Christus, White Christmas, A Festive Christmas Celebration, On With The Snow!

SEP 22) We rehearsed: Sicut Cervus, White Christmas, A Festive Christmas Celebration, On with the Snow!

SEP 15) We rehearsed: O Holy Night, Whence is That Goodly…, Seasonal Sounds–Rudolph and Santa Claus is Comin’…, Sicut Cervus, White Christmas; please review these pieces, especially if you missed rehearsal.

Music theory instructional docs

Interval Names and Qualities

Interval Tunings

McHose Counting System

Note Names

Scales and Exercises with Sol-Fa

IPA Primer (slideshow)


Timpanogos Chorale Charter

Timpanogos Chorale Rules of Operation

Timpanogos Chorale Member Guide

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Upcoming auditions:

All Timpanogos Chorale members should encourage competent singers to join our chorale. Have them come with a song prepared to sing from any genre or style. An accompanist will be provided. The audition will consist of a range check, the singer’s prepared piece, and a small sight reading exercise to gauge the singer’s music reading abilities. Note: you do not have to be a skilled sight reader to join the Chorale.

Next auditions will be in January, 2023 – check back for dates & times.

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